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Our speciality; wireless and data. Our team is made of numerous years experienced professionals in the business. We are bond to satisfy your needs answering with the best possible solution within the shortest time.

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We are at the service of networks builders. We know we can help you find a solution to let you deploy a performant and reliable wireless network providing voice and/or data simply and quickly. Our experience in the telecom industry has brought us relationships with some of the most renowned manufacturer in the business. Bring us your project; we will be glad to assist you build the next generation’s future big wireless network.

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  • Better receive signal quality makes a higher throughput capacity link.

    For a wireless link, the better the receive signal is the faster capacity throughput will be. This is depending not only of the signal strength measured in decibel but also of the difference in between the receive signal strength and the other signal noise’s level that are interfering with your channel. Before even establishing a wireless connection it is best practice to know these parameters in order for you choosing the most appropriate equipment with such capacity to operate in the wireless environment where you wish to install.


    To get more wireless connection advices and best practice or even to share your own input visit the Cambium Networks community and forum at : http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/

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