Our range of products

Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks offers a full line of wireless products for all vertical market. From educational, public service, public safety or private networks, Cambium Networks product are build to last by a team of top of class engineers with many years of experience. High capacity licensed and un-licensed point to point radios, latest smart technology point to multi-point systems, wifi based and wifi compatible indoor and outdoor products all backed by a cloud based end to end management makes the full product line of this top tier wireless product manufacturer.

Tycon Systems
Tycon Systems designs and manufacture electronic equipment powering systems and back-up power systems for remote and harsh location where critical system availability is required or simply where powering your equipment from the utility power grid is not possible. They also provide a wide variety of power over ethernet (PoE) supply from 12V up to 56V High Power devices, mid-span multiple port network PoE injector and DC/DC converter with PoE output. These specialized products are rugged and can be used under low northern America temperature so you don’t have to worry about power failure for your equipment. Tycon Systems offers multiple systems configuration and a wide range of accessories so that you will surely find the winning combination to power-up your electronic system.

MVG – Microwave Vision Group
With its unique expertise in visualization of electromagnetic waves, MVG has developed a complete range of RF-Safety products for occupational and public safety.

Xirrus offers Wifi Indoor and Outdoor Access Point with high quality Wi-Fi signal for high density wireless networks where more than usual number of wifi device connections are required. These products offers efficient and higher wireless speed supporting hundreds of concurrent connections without signal quality degradation or loss. They also can be application customized to shape your wireless traffic so that you limit access to only the internet and or emails to minimize the impact on your data usage from your wireless networks. With a tons of setting features, Xirrus is transforming your wireless experience. Ask us how.

Baicells Technologies
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