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Various types of wireless and wired technologies, as well as communication and network solutions to allow devices to speak to each other and with the web.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks At Safda, we provide the wireless network technology your company needs for seamless communication, fast information access and secure connections.

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Safety & Network Design

With its solid experience, Safda provides your enterprise with reliable network design for constant network and services availability and ensure your business’ continuity.

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Wired Networks

Wired networks provide increased security, control, reliability, and speed. It is the superior choice when your data is precious and confidential.

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Powering Equipment

As the leader of long-range, power-over-distance charging technology, Safda provide solutions to enable automatic, over-the-air charging of multiple devices.

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Infrastructure & Mounting

Safda is a global provider of telecom infrastructure solutions; anything that allows technology to be attached to a tower, wall or rooftop.

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New Technologies

in our lives. Safda will always be partnering with new manufacturers to make your life easier.


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