Boost Your Network with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 Technology

More speed, less latency and better stability. How to meet the ever-increasing IP traffic induced by the widespread use of IOTs and multiplication of personal devices. The solution is now available. Boost your network with Wi-Fi 6.

The 802.11ax standard is the core of the Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Its design provides for higher efficiency in dense networking environments. One of the most interesting features of 802.11ax is OFDMA, orthogonal frequency division multiple access, which derives from the 3GPP LTE cellular technology and 802.16e WiMax. It divides the 20MHz channel into up to 256 subcarriers and allows for concurrent access point communication with multiple clients. These subcarriers can be assigned into larger groups called Ressource Units (RU). Each individual device is then assigned one or more RU.

Users with various bandwidth needs can now be served simultaneously without competing. OFDMA anticipates higher density needs by scheduling transmission times and dynamically allocate frequencies. Each RU can transmit at a unique QAM level which results in better frequency reuse, reduced latency, and increased efficiency. Additionally, it can improve battery management mechanisms.

Another key feature of 802.11ax is the support for up to eight MU-MIMO transmissions concurrently. In addition, as the MU-MIMO technology continues to evolve, it will soon allow for the grouping of multiple client updates, improve protocol efficiency and, remove excess management overhead.

Are you ready to boost your network with Wi-Fi 6?

Of course, when considering a network upgrade, it is important to consider the costs versus the benefits. New Wi-Fi 6 access points will significantly improve the performance and efficiency of your network, even without the use of 802.11ax ready devices. By upgrading your AP today, you will be able to support more concurrent users and devices than before and be able to spread the cost of upgrading your global network through time, as ready devices will become more available.

Safda Solutions is proud to offer the Cambium Networks’ cost-effective line of Wi-Fi 6 ready AP. And as always, our team of professionals is here to help you implement the best network solution to meet your needs.

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