Check out our new virtual cable certifier demo!


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Nothing quite compares to a demonstration when you’re considering buying new test and measurement equipment. That’s why you can now experience a virtual demo for our LanTEK IV cable certifier and FiberTEK IV Tier 1 tester.

The new interactive virtual demos are a great way to understand more about TREND Networks’ products and see them in action, from anywhere, at any time.

Simply visit our website to see a LanTEK IV demo or a FiberTEK IV demo.

What you’ll learn

The virtual product demonstrations provide an overview of the main features and functions of a LanTEK IV cable certifier and a FiberTEK IV Tier 1 fibre tester.

What’s more there are interactive elements – press the buttons for yourself and see what happens!

For instance, with the LanTEK IV certifier, you can work through setup or see a live wiremap test of a connected cable. Or try setting up a test with FiberTEK IV or see how the Autotest function works.

Why not try the demo now?

LanTEK IV demo.

FiberTEK IV demo.

Need to know more?

If you have more questions, we’d be happy to give you a more detailed demonstration. Get in touch to talk more about your requirements with our expert team.

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