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We know the realities and challenges of resellers and subcontractors. That’s why we take pride in offering you the highest quality products and services to increase your revenues.

Wireless network design and analysis service

We design your project, you get the benefits

A good planning is a must to offer your customers efficient wireless networks that will meet their expectations. And that takes a lot of time and expertise. With our design and analysis service, you can focus your resources on deploying your projects rather than planning them.

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Taking information

We indicate you the information to obtain from your customer. We can also go on site, if needed, to do some scouting.

Analysis and simulation

After analyzing the data received, we perform ultra-precise coverage simulations with the products of your choice. We then evaluate the most effective solution for your client, while respecting your budget.

Design and installation plan

We produce a detailed design of your project, including the required equipment and an installation plan. The design can be identified with your company's name, which will allow you to include the costs in your quote, with a profit margin of your choice.

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