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Our Expertise

Planning and designing an integrated wired / wireless network before the start of construction pays big dividends later. Our trained specialists will help your achieve your business goals and explore new opportunities. We will provide with the latest technologies and products to help you build a network that will suit your expectations and budget.

Project management is the key to staying on budget and on time, while keeping the most important tasks at the forefront of your business. Safda solutions has well-trained project managers to understand these processes. We will take time to understand your key objective, schedule and budget to design and manage your project without unexpected surprises.

Ready to bring changes to your network and want to evaluate your design? We are here. Wireless communication has become increasingly popular. With the emergence of cross-sellers industry standards, technology has shaped a number of popular and cost-effective wireless solutions for business and educational purposes. We will provide with up-to-date proposals that will respect your timeline and budget and allow for business growth.

We will identify and understand your system requirements, features, and performance thresholds in development to distinguish your services. We will take into account your network needs, future requirements, rejection conditions and, provide with useful advices.

Gigabit Connectivity - The Key to Modern Video Security

Today’s video security systems often feature 4K HD video to provide the best possible pictures. And with many systems mounted where wired connectivity is unavailable, you have to be able to rely on a strong and reliable wireless signal.

See our complete line of gigabit wireless solutions to securely transmit HD video streams

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