Increased Financing for High-Speed Internet Access

Hi-Speed Internet financing Canada

Even more Canadian and Québécois will soon have access to high-speed internet, thanks to two new government programs.

Last November, Canada’s government announced the new Universal Broadband Fund to support projects that will increase high-speed internet access throughout the country.

Planned initially at 1 billion dollars, the financing was raised to 1.75 billion. The government aims at connecting 98% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026 and, all Canadian residents by 2030.

Simultaneously, the government of Québec just announced a new agreement with the federal government and many high-speed internet providers. The ”Opération haute-vitesse Canada-Québec” will receive equal part financing from both government levers to connect near 150,000 Québec’s homes to high-speed internet by September 2022. With the actual Covid-19 reality, these announcements are more than welcome.

Gouvernement du Canada – Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Gouvernement du Québec – Opération haute vitesse Canada-QuébecS


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