MobileSolarPro – Easy-to-Go Solar Power

Tycon Systems Mobile Solar Pro

Security surveillance and lighting are a big part of any temporary site and providing constant power to all equipment can be tedious. Even though generators are useful, they can quickly become a source of irritation. Running constantly, they are noisy, emit harmful fumes and can potentially be dangerous.

Tycon Systems now brings a durable solution with the MobileSolarPro. Its high-quality solar panels mounted on a rugged trailer can support up to 160W continuous power draw. The entire MobileSolarPro™ system can remotely monitor and control via the built-in web-enabled remote monitor system. Monitor Solar Voltage & Current, Battery Voltage & Current, Load Current, Temperature. Disconnect Load Power. Email Alerts and Manual/Automatic Reboot. There are 2 spare 10A relays, 1 spare current measuring channel and 2 spare voltage measuring channels for customer expansion. For instance, a customer could use one of the spare relay channels to turn on a generator based on programmable rules automatically.

The MobileSolarPro quietly generates power and requires no fuel inputs and only minimal maintenance. I can power a variety of projects in remote areas. It is not only quiet and environmentally friendly, but cost-competitive with fossil fuel-powered generators—a real easy-to-go power solution for your next project.
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