Private 3GHz LTE Networks – Soon available with Cambium’s cnRanger

Private 3GHz LTE

Complete Cambium Networks private 3GHz LTE networks

Cambium Networks has recently announced a new upcoming addition to their cnRanger fixed LTE family, the 3 GHz RRH. With this new addition, network operators will be able to implement a complete Cambium Networks private 3GHz LTE network when combined with the existing cnRanger BBU and 3 GHz SM.

As for all other Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless solutions, the cnRanger 3GHz RHH will allow for easy deployment, thanks to its integration with the cnMaestro™ management system.

Cambium has not yet announced a releasing date for the Canadian market, but we are looking forward to adding this new product to our complete line as soon as it will become available.

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Why choose Cambium Networks private 3GHz LTE networks solution?

Building a traditional private LTE network is a costly and complex solution. Products currently available are often not fixed user-friendly and immature or beta quality. Cambium Networks approach exploits LTE Air Interface Features to lower cost and complexity typically associated with LTE implementation.

See for yourself:

Best to Worst
Existing LTE Solutions Cambium’s LTE
Customer Experience N/A
Range and coverage
Interference Mitigation
Total Sector Capacity
Subscriber Bandwidth
Infrastructure Costs
Mobility Support
Total Cost of Ownership

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