24V Gigabit 5 Port Outdoor Passive PoE Switch (TP-SW5GNC-OUT24)

Outdoor 5 Port Gigabit 24VDC Passive PoE Switch. 24V120W power supply/PoE Inserter. -20 to +75C. Weatherproof Enclosure.

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This outdoor passive POE switch is designed for operation in harsh outdoor environments. The switch can be powered via a wire terminal connector or over POE into the uplink port. This allows the switch to be mounted where it is needed and up to 100m from a power source. By using the switch as a repeater, the useable Cat5 cable distance between power source and user POE devices can be doubled to 200m.

The switch is a 5 port Gigabit model with 24VDC Passive POE. The model can be changed in the field just by changing the power supply voltage which powers the switch. The switches are supplied with 24VDC 120W AC to DC power supplies with Gigabit POE inserters. The switch is an unmanaged layer 2 switch.

The 24VDC POE model is compatible with devices like UBNT and Mikrotik.

-20C to +75C Operation

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Dimensions 13 × 12 × 5 pouce

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