56V 100W Gigabit Passive 4 Pair PoE Inserter (TP-POE-HP-56G)

120/240VAC, 56V 100W Gigabit 4pair passive PoE inserter. Shielded RJ45 jack.

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The TP-POE-HP-56G Power over Ethernet Power Sources offered by Tycon Power® are quality Gigabit midspan power sources for years of reliable operation even in the toughest conditions. They accept data-in to a shielded RJ45 Jack and provide surge protected data-out and power on the shielded RJ45 output jack. They work by supplying power to the remote device on all 8 Ethernet wires. The Ethernet spec supports distances up to 100m (328 feet).

The units are autoranging so that they accept AC inputs from 90VAC to 264VAC (50/60 Hz) and they supply regulated 56VDC at the output. They have various protections for surge, short circuit, overload and overvoltage. They have total power output up to 100W.

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Dimensions 10.8 × 6.5 × 1.8 pouce

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