Category 6A – FUTP Shielded 4 Pairs Twisted Solid Riser – 23 AWG (FUTP4-C6A-SOLID-CMR-XX-305)

UGS FUTP4-C6A-SOLID-CMR-XX-305 Catégories , , , Étiquette

Cable Cat 6A FUTP 4 Pairs 23AWG Twisted Solid Shielded Riser. Available in Blue and White. 305 m / 1000 ft.

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Hyperline brings Category 6A FUTP Riser (CMR) performance to a new level. This cable meets the internal and alien cross-talk performance requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 as tested in a 6 around 1 configuration. With guaranteed performance out to 500 MHz and independently verified and monitored by UL, 6A cable demonstrates superior capability for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) and all other bandwidth intensive and legacy application when compared to TIA guidelines; meets or surpasses the specifications in every category. The overall metal foil screen with drain wire along with a construction comprised of 8 x 23-gauge solid bare copper cores, which are then insulated with high density polyethylene insulation and organized into four color coded twisted pair sets of conductors.

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