Gigabit PoE Converter – 802.3at to 4 Pair (POE-CONV-2AT-60)

802.3at to 4 Pair 60W Gigabit POE Converter.

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The POE-CONV-2AT-60 provide Gigabit PoE conversion, accepting two 802.3at inputs and providing a single 4 Pair 60W Passive PoE output which is compatible with High PoE devices like Ubiquiti airFiber™

There are two RJ45 socket for input and one RJ45 socket for the output. One input accepts Data and Power, the second input accepts only Power. The design is isolated so input and output are isolated. The devices include protections for short circuit and overload.

Note: If the inputs come from the same PoE switch then the output power is full power. If the inputs come from different PoE sources, then the output power may be ½.

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 pouce

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