Remote Pro – 2.5W Continuous Power Rating Off-Grid Remote Power System (RPDC12-9-15)

RemotePro 2.5W Continuous Remote Power System. Kit includes integrated solar panel, die-cast aluminium enclosure (11″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″), 9Ah lead-acid battery and mounting accessories.

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The RPDC RemotePro® series outdoor power systems are designed for applications that require a primary off-grid power source to run various electronics.

The die-cast aluminum enclosures are hinged and gasket sealed. They can be mounted to a pole or wall with the included mounting bracket system.

The high-quality solar panels have a 25-year power output guarantee. They can be mounted to a pole or a wall with the included bracket kit.

Features include an advanced battery charge controller to protect against over-charging or over-discharging of the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. Enclosures are vented to prevent residual buildup of hydrogen gas.

Batteries are an Advance Glass Matt (AGM) type which have good all temperature performance.

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