XE5-8 Wi-Fi 6/GE Indoor Access Point (XE5-8X00A00-CA)

802.11ax Tri-Band 8×8/4×4 High-density Access Point.

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The XE5-8 is a five-radio Wi-Fi 6/6E 8×8/4×4 access point (AP) designed to deliver high-density, future-proof performance for building next generation wireless networks. With five user servicing radios, the XE5-8 delivers the highest density Wi-Fi 6 solution in the industry. Wi-Fi 6E support extends the capacity
of Wi-Fi into the 6 GHz band, more the tripling the wireless spectrum available. With high-speed software-defined radios, the XE5-8 enables seamless transition to Wi-Fi 6E with the ability to easily change from dual-band to tri-band (2.4 GHz,
5 GHz, 6 GHz) support when sufficient 6 GHz clients are available. The XE5-8 is fully backward compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology, enabling simultaneous support of new high speed clients, legacy clients, low-bitrate loT devices, and more in a single wireless infrastructure.
The XE5-8 comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty providing return and repair service on the access point from date of purchase until end of life of the product.

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Poids 5 livres
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 pouce

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