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We will put networking tools in the service of your business goals and create the kind of network that will help you discover and capitalize on new opportunities. Planning and designing an integrated wired / wireless network before the start of construction pays big dividends later.

When building or upgrading a cabling infrastructure, it is helpful to include wireless networks in your plans and your budget accordingly to enable seamless integration and interoperability.

Planning all of your network needs is financially and operationally prudent, allowing your organization to purchase all the necessary materials and labor in bulk with the corresponding discount.

Project management is the key to staying on budget and on time, while keeping the most important tasks at the forefront of your business. Safda has this expertise. Design and install networks long enough for some of these projects to fail as a result of unexpected surprises.

When you decide that you need more wireless coverage than you requested at the beginning of the project, without increasing costs, of course, for example. There is a purpose, schedule, budget and expectations on your part when you benefit from the network once it is completed. Safda solutions have well-trained project managers to understand these processes.

Now is the time to make changes to your network capabilities and you want to evaluate the design of the tour network, Safda Solutions is here. Wireless communication has become increasingly popular in the computer industry as well as in our daily lives.

Technology, with the emergence of cross-sellers industry standards, has shaped a number of popular and cost-effective wireless solutions for business and educational purposes. Our technical proposal will make every effort to create a low-cost network, taking into account budget and implementation time, with some minor constraints.

We will identify and understand your system requirements, features, and performance thresholds in development to distinguish your services. We need a process to filter or classify the requirements:

  • Network needs (often with high, medium and low priorities)
  • Future requirements (planned upgrades)
  • Conditions rejected (to be retained for a future reference)
  • Information needs (ideas, which is not required)
  • Requirements can come from many aspects of the network system: user, application, device, network.


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