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ePMP 5 GHz Force 425 SM (C058940M104A)

ePMP Force 425 point-to-point. Up to 1 Gbps throughput. Breakthrough price point based on the latest 802.11ax standards.

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Cambium Networks introduces the ePMP Force 425 C point to point solution delivering up to 1 Gbps throughput at a breakthrough price point based on the latest 802.11ax standards.  The Force 425 makes a great fiber extension to reach places where fiber cannot.

The Force 425 pushes this capacity farther than ever with an integrated 25 dBi dish (and even farther with the optional 28 dBi range extender). The optional range extender is ordered separately and can be assembled and attached in the field to add additional link budget and fade margin for challenging links or to move to higher capacity where needed and higher modulations can be achieved.

Leveraging the latest technology from the 802.11ax standard and Cambium’s proprietary ePTP mode, the Force 425 delivers high spectral efficiency with features such as 1024QAM, 80 MHz channels, a highly efficient frame structure and the proven ePTP air interface. It is is built for the real world with IP67 ruggedization, simplified mounting scheme and includes Cambium Networks 3-year hardware warranty.


  • Industry’s first point-to-point solution based on 802.11ax delivering up to Gbps capacity
  • High-capacity enterprise access
  • Low-cost WISP backhaul
  • Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul
  • GPON last mile



Channel Width MHz 20 | 40 | 80
Proprietary Physical Layer 802.11ax, 2×2 MIMO/OFDM
Channel Spacing  

Configurable in 5 MHz increments


Frequency Range

Wide Band Operation 4910 – 6135 MHz

(Note: Country dependent based on local regulations. Support of 5870 to 6135 coming in a future software upgrade.)

MAC Layer

(Media Access Control)


Cambium Proprietary


Ethernet Interface


100/1000 BaseT, Compatible with Cambium PoE & Standard PoE pinouts; 10 Gigabit SFP cage for optional SFP modules

Protocols Used  

IPv4/IPv6 (Dual Management Stack), UDP, TCP, ICMP, SNMPv2c, NTP, STP, IGMP, SSH


Network Management


IPv4/IPv6, HTTPs, SNMPv2c, SSH, Cambium Networks cnMaestro™


802.1Q with 802.1p priority



Maximum Capacity  

1 Gbps


< 5 ms

Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @20 MHz Channel  

MCS 0 = -93 dBm to MCS 11 (1024 QAM-5/6) = -63 dBm (per chain)

Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @40 MHz Channel  

MCS 0 = -90 dBm to MCS 11 (1024 QAM-5/6) = -60 dBm (per chain)

Nominal Receive Sensitivity (w/FEC) @80 MHz Channel  

MCS 0 = -87 dBm to MCS 11 (1024 QAM-5/6) = -57 dBm (per chain)

Modulation Levels (Adaptive)  

MCS 0 (BPSK) to MCS 11 (1024 QAM-5/6)

Transmit Power Range  

+3 to +28 dBm (combined, to regional EIRP limit) (1 dB interval)



Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 13 in

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