LanTEK IV Copper Cable Certifier

LanTEK IV-3000MHz Cable Certifier. TIA Category 8/ ISO Class I/II. LanTEK IV Display/Remote handsets, Li-ion Battery (2), Univ. Power Adapter (2), Hang. Strap (2), Quick Ref. Guide, Carry Case, CAT8 RJ45 VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters (2)The LanTEK IV allows to measure cable length and checks for wiring faults such as crossed pairs, opens, shorts and split pairs. Generate PDF test reports that prove installed links run at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

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The LanTEK IV cable certifier brings a new standard to the industry, saving you time and improving profitability. It’s time to change the way you certify.

Futureproof and Fast Certifier

A copper and fibre cable certifier, it can test and save a Cat6A link in 7 seconds and certifies links up to Cat8.1 and Cat8.2, including TCL and Resistance Unbalance measurements. Plus, LanTEK IV future-proofs your investment – it will sweep to 3000MHz providing room for future ISO/TIA test standards.

VisiLINQ permanent link adapters

With unique VisiLINQ™ permanent link adapters, there is no need to even hold the certifier. Everything you need is in the palm of your hand – this is a totally new way to certify that will boost productivity.

Complete Connectivity

An intuitive user interface and high-resolution touch screen make LanTEK IV simple to use with no compromise on functionality.  For example, LanTEK IV can connect you to the internet and to the new TREND AnyWARE Cloud management system, allowing real time collaboration between Project Managers and Field Technicians.



VisiLINQ™ enables Field Technicians to initiate testing and view the results all without the need to carry or touch the certifier.


The RJ45 tip on the VisiLINQ™ Permanent Link Modules are field replaceable to reduce the cost of ownership, independently verified for 2,000 insertions which is 1,250 more than regular patch cord plugs rated to ISO/TIA standards.


Project Managers can connect to a LanTEK IV on the jobsite using the TREND AnyWARE Cloud to troubleshoot failed links therefore minimizing troubleshooting time, increasing collaboration and reducing call-backs.

Access can be granted to cable manufacturers and TREND Networks Technical Support to allow further troubleshooting if required.


The new TREND AnyWARE Cloud management system allows real time collaboration between Project Managers and Field Technicians. There is no need for Field Technicians to setup the LanTEK IV, Project Managers pre-configure the jobs and tests in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, eliminating potential mistakes and compressing the time taken to prepare reports for customers and warranties.


  • Operates anywhere with a web browser – TREND AnyWARE Cloud operates on a PC, Mac and tablet devices (Android and iOS)
  • Free storage – No need for separate servers or backup systems.
  • Easy to find project files – Attach all project files including cable layout drawings, videos, and photos into the TREND AnyWARE Cloud. Everything you need in one place.
  • Share reports easier – Use TREND AnyWARE Cloud to share links to the test reports eliminating the need to manually email large attachments.
  • Reduce training time with WalkMe – TREND AnyWARE Cloud is embedded with the WalkMe digital adoption platform providing proactive, step-by-step guidance on all key tasks.


Easily manage the certifier fleet – Fleet manager allows you to see who has the certifier, when the software was last updated, calibration due date and when the results were last synced. Allowing you to manage tester downtime and ensuring results are transferred back to the office and not lost or deleted.


  • Reduce setup errors – Project Managers pre-configure all project information in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud and Field Technicians simply download the project to the LanTEK IV eliminating any mistakes from manual data entry.
  • Create the most complex test ids – Easily create simple or sophisticated naming conventions required by the client.


  • Advanced filtering – filter tests on any field to reduce the time spent searching.


  • Reduce training time – The TREND AnyWARE Cloud comes with proactive, step-by-step guidance for all the key features.
  • Team Viewer Live Support – Using the TREND AnyWARE Cloud users can connect to a LanTEK IV remotely to troubleshoot failed links, minimising troubleshooting time, increasing collaboration and reducing call-backs.


  • Customer profiles – Create a profile for each of the customers with their company logo, address and contact details. This information is automatically pulled through to the reports, saving time.
  • 2 Report Formats
    • Single line report – This is a summary report showing multiple tests per page.
    • Brief report – This is a comprehensive report with all the measurement results with one page per test.



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