NetLinQEMS Cloud-Base Platform (NET-LINQ-EMS)

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All Your Devices, All Your Data, One Dashboard

Full Network Visibility. One Point of Access.

With NetLiNQ EMS, you can monitor, troubleshoot, provision and deploy your network – all in one place.

Our cloud-based platform enables service providers to optimize their networks and lower TCO by simplifying the deployment and management of BLiNQ Network equipment and providing rich analytics.

Streamline operations, meet the needs of your customers and maximize your network’s performance with NetLiNQ EMS.


  • Manage the Network from One Place – Discover, monitor and configure all the devices right from the WebUI
  • Intuitive WebUI that is easy to navigate and Contextual Help on every page that will provide guidance if needed
  • Fast, Flexible Data Management
  • Real-Time “Operationally” Focused Dashboard that will enhance the network functionality
  • Correlating KPIs facilitates the evaluation of network health
  • Backup & Restore functions add a level of security with the ability to retrieve data in the event of a crash
  • Real-Time Data Streaming enables prompt response in managing and adjusting various devices based on the ever-changing needs of the network throughout the day
  • Dynamic Network Discovery that allows for newly deployed eNBs to be added automatically thus reducing set up time
  • Fault Management – View alarms and events in real time to enable a quick adjustment of the faulty elements
  • Netcool Integration Support available Inventory Exports by type (eNBs or CPEs) as
  • .csv files



Memory Production: 24 GB RAM (Min.)

Lab: 16 GB RAM (Min.)


For 1 week retention of 2000 devices

CPU Cores Production: 8 Cores (Min.) Lab: 4 Cores (Min.)
Storage 400 GB (Min.)


Operating System Centos 7.8 build 2003, 64 bit
Docker 19.03.12 and up
Docker Compose 1.26.0 and up




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