Communication towers

Communication towers are ubiquitous in the urban landscape. They play a crucial role in ensuring fast, reliable connectivity. Whether for mobile telephony, wireless networks or high-speed data transmission, a solid infrastructure is essential to meet growing connectivity needs. Their design, height and location must be carefully planned for their specific application, while minimizing their visual impact on the surrounding environment.

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At Solutions Safda, we understand the challenges and constraints inherent in building telecommunications infrastructures. We are convinced that the objective when acquiring a telecom tower is to maximize the potential benefits that this structure can bring to its owner.

We have long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers in the industry. They rely on our expertise to identify our customers’ objectives for the acquisition of telecom structures, and to bring their projects to a successful conclusion.

The result? Sturdy structures, adapted to their environment and meeting all the objectives set by future owners.

In 2023, the Régie intermunicipale de sécurité incendie de la Vallée-du-Richelieu began a construction project for one of our fire stations, 21 in Belœil. With our telecoms supplier, we had a number of questions about the type of tower to erect to enable wireless communication between our various fire stations in the area, which proved to be a major challenge. It was therefore essential to work with a company specializing in this field to ensure that our future installation would meet our needs.

The service provided by the SAFDA Solutions representative enabled us to target the best type of tower and its components. The technical skills and customer service we received during our many interactions certainly contributed to the successful completion of this project, which is of paramount importance to our emergency service.

Without hesitation, we recommend that you contact the SAFDA Solutions specialists to discuss your projects. You won't regret it!

Donald Lebrun, TPI
Division Manager, Strategic Management
Régie intermunicipale de sécurité incendie de la Vallée-du-Richelieu

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