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Whether you’re a business owner, reseller or service provider, Solutions Safda offers customized and affordable solutions for all your connectivity needs. Whether you’re planning to set up a Wi-Fi or Datacom network for your business, or to implement a large-scale telecommunications network, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Wireless network design and analysis

Whether you’re optimizing an existing network or deploying a new installation, careful planning is essential to ensure that your wireless network meets your specific needs. At Solutions Safda, we understand the importance of a high-performance Wi-Fi network for your day-to-day activities. Our advanced design and planning strategies ensure your wireless network delivers maximum performance right from the start, while leaving flexibility for future adjustments as your business grows.

What we do

From design to implementation, we support you in the deployment of your wireless network:

Illustrated simulation of Wi-Fi coverage from a location plan in pdf, autocad or .png format


Optimization of your existing Wi-Fi network's coverage

Why invest in a design and analysis service?

Real benefits

Precise cost planning

Thanks to our simulation, you can accurately plan the costs of equipment and labour required to complete your project. Defining the quantities and optimum location of the equipment before beginning the work enables you to optimize your expenditure and maximize the efficiency of your budget.

Performance validation

The coverage validation allows you to confirm that the equipment delivers the advertised performance. This avoids potential problems linked to insufficient coverage or poor performance, and ensures that your Wi-FI infrastructure efficiently meets the needs of your users.

Optimizing existing Wi-Fi networks

Thanks to simulation, we can identify any deficiencies in your existing Wi-Fi network without impacting your installation or interrupting service. We can then optimize performance by reconfiguring the parameters of the devices you already own. This can save you expensive labor and equipment replacement costs.

Our team of qualified professionals combines technical expertise and creativity to design efficient, high-performance wireless networks. Whether for a company, an event or any other project, we set up reliable, scalable Wi-Fi infrastructures.

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Network supervision

Our network supervision service is designed to ensure total control and optimum performance of your wireless infrastructure. Thanks to our advanced expertise and specialized tools, we offer proactive and reactive monitoring to ensure the security, reliability and performance of your network.

For a high-performance network at all times

Your wireless network is in good hands with our monitoring service. Here are just some of the aspects covered by our service.

  • Access management: we monitor and control access to your network, controlling authorized users and preventing unauthorized access.
  • Network transmission flow management: we optimize the transmission flow to ensure optimum performance and a smooth user experience, even in high-demand environments.
  • External access vulnerability management: we monitor and detect vulnerabilities linked to external access to your network components, and implement security measures to protect you against potential threats.
  • Network device status and/or performance management: we monitor the status and performance of every device on your network. We identify potential problems and quickly correct them to minimize downtime.
  • Notification of potential threats: we keep you informed of any threats that could affect the efficiency or integrity of your network, enabling you to take preventive measures to protect your infrastructure.

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Interactive Guest Wi-Fi networks

Enhance your customer relations with our service of design and deployment of interactive portals for Guest WiFi networks. No more password-sharing for your public Wi-Fi network. Your users benefit from secure, simplified access, enabling them to connect via their social networks or e-mail address. Our solution uses state-of-the-art encryption to guarantee the security of your data, eliminating the risk of intrusion linked to the sharing of identifiers.

We offer more than just a welcome portal for your public network. We offer a powerful tool for promoting your company or organization, enabling interactive contact with your visitors during and after their stay, using your existing Wi-Fi equipment.

Seamless integration into your existing communication tools

The authentication and data collection platform integrates easily with existing communication tools such as MailChimp, enabling you to build up a highly qualified contact base. Use this data to automate your communications with users already interested in your products and services, acquired during their visit to your establishment.

Additional income opportunities

Is your establishment very busy? Monetize your portal and generate additional revenue by enabling your suppliers to gain visibility by displaying their ads on the connection page of your Guest Wi-Fi network.

Tailored services to fit your needs

In collaboration with GoZone Wi-Fi, we combine our logistical expertise and marketing knowledge to offer various service options for managing your interactive portal.

Do you have a dedicated marketing team? Opt for a self-managed solution. Are your resources more limited? Thanks to our partners, we can offer you an interactive portal combined with one or more digital campaigns via social networks or e-mail.

Whatever your level of expertise or the extent of your digital marketing resources, we can transform your existing or future Wi-Fi equipment into a powerful tool to enhance your customers’ loyalty.

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