Versatile Output PoE Switch (TP-SW5G-VERSA)

44-57Vin, 5 port Versatile Output Gigabit Switch. 1 60W High PoE, 3 802.3at, 1 24V 12W passive PoE ports.

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The TP-SW5G-VERSA Power over Ethernet (PoE) 5 Port Gigabit switch offered by Tycon® is a fully automatic high speed Layer 2 Ethernet switches with multiple function ports. Port 1 is a 60W 4pair High PoE port; Port 2,3,4 are 48V 30W 802.3at compatible ports; Port 5 is a 24V 12W Passive PoE port. This allows a customer to power up multiple PoE devices with different power requirements. The switch requires a 48-56VDC (4A) power input.

The units are compatible with Category 5 or higher Ethernet cables. The RJ45 connectors are shielded and grounded to the common “FG” (Frame Ground) connection. The units have 15kV surge protection on all Ethernet wires and are conformal coated for moisture protection. They have a wide operating temperature range for outdoor and industrial applications. A 4A power supply is recommended, like the PSDIN-48-240W.

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